Respect Your Dreams

Why is it that we stress obedience to the written word of God, emphasize doing the rhema word of God, yet believe that a dream from God belongs “on a shelf” until we understand its meaning or receive some kind of ethereal revelation?

I know, it’s strange.

And that’s the motivating question that led me several years ago to host my first live taping. Click here for the short highlights video. 

Truth: Disciples of Jesus Christ value His word in ALL ITS FORMS

And that’s what we covered in the first taping — how to approach dreams biblically, why God speaks in dreams, dreamers in scripture, and some general dream principles for the Body of Christ. There is a way for us to seek the Lord about His dreams to us. It’s not for us to lazily set His dream-words aside and wait for prophecy or certain sermons or teachings.

Scroggins Live Taping Flyer

The Sweet Dreams vol. II Live Taping is coming soon ~ Saturday, April 9, 2016 at 9am. This time we dig deeper for dreamers (heavy or light, however you dream) who believe in Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to help us see and acknowledge God’s word as our compass, and extend that respect for His word to our dreams.

Many of you weren’t with me for Sweet Dreams vol. I, so we begin the vol. II taping with a review to get us all on the same page. The next segment covers dream symbols and dream interpretation. We want to address some things that most of us experience but do not hear much about — like, when your siblings appear in dreams, or when close friends appear in situations in which they have no natural connection, and the interpretation process. 

We move from there to a segment called “junk” mail, based on the idea from Ira Milligan, author of Understanding the Dreams You Dream. This is all about how to determine a dream is from God and what to do if it is not from God.

Then we have a special segment on inheritance dreams. I will make the case for revelation of succession and generational curse or blessing via dreams. This is an important part of the message God sends in dreams and I fear many in the Body of Christ miss these pieces of our identity because of bad teaching or faulty urban legends about dreams. 

Finally, we plan to present some tips on how to assist prophetic children. I can tell you now, this will be a book. The notes are just too extensive to present them in total, but I promise the insight is rich and will help us all — parents of prophetic children as well as those of us who grew up as prophetic children but did not know it until we settled in our callings. 

Please, make plans to join us. And stick around so I may thank you personally for your presence and support. Remember, there is NO FEE for attending the taping. But, I’ll introduce for the first time the entire Remnant Word Publishing Product Line. Please come prepared to support.