Remnant Word Publishing Company

Shaunta D. Scroggins, M.Ed., Writer

turq jkt 1       Shaunta D. Scroggins specializes in writing for technical, religious (spiritual) non-fiction projects. Her experience, since 2008, includes nearly 15 international publication credits—writing, ghost writing, editing and proofreading. See the Portfolio page for a few examples.

       The Remnant Word Publishing Co. began in July 2008 with Shaunta’s first freelance writing assignment: ghost writing for curriculum. Since that time, she writes mostly for long-term pastors and ministers who want to increase their product offerings. Also, Shaunta works with up-and-coming breakout voices working to release their first books.

Shaunta takes an invested approach in each client. Initial consultations give her the special privilege hear the heart of each prospective author, and translate their passion into a practical, workable outline to begin work immediately. For prospective authors who move beyond the consulting phase, Shaunta develops a preliminary timeline for the reasonable completion of the project.

Thank you for visiting the Remnant Word site! If you are serious about publishing your project, then take the first step to invest in your vision. Call Shaunta Scroggins today and continue your creative process with someone who can help you finish well!

Shaunta D. Scroggins looks forward to working with you!

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