30 Days


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Dear Prospective Client, 

Please be aware that if you choose to work with me, I have a 30-day policy. Simply stated, if 30 days pass without client response to a deliverable, then the contract in place will be voided. At the time the client responds with the desire to resume work, a new contract will be issued with revised terms and the previous balance applied. 

Please consider that your writing project is scheduled along with other clients and their writing projects. To be late on your deliverables potentially affects the timeline of others. Rather than start a chain of delayed tasks in the project, we will stop and press restart. 

At the beginning of our relationship, there is paperwork I give you to complete. I call it the client profile form. There is a great benefit in carefully looking at calendar dates so that the client has a realistic idea of available time to work. When we restart your project, another deposit will be paid by the client and the deliverable due dates revisited. 

We plan well to write well!

Timeline Realism


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When we decide to commit to a writing project, let’s be realistic about our timelines. 

With each client, I have to make a major sales pitch about timelines. The client says he will write something daily. She says she will work through the night. They say they are motivated to finish quickly. 

But, the writing project is not about a quick finish. 

Timelines are not just about getting the writing done, but they include the following:

  • Holidays
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Holy days (especially if you are in ministry or leadership in the local church)
  • Vacation and travel days
  • Rest days
  • Research days
  • Paydays (hey, budgets matter!)

Every day is not a writing day in the timeline of a project. We have to be available for real-life engagement — family, work, school, entrepreneurship, and so on. I call these days blackout dates on the calendar. When a client takes an honest look at the calendar, then he knows realistically the available time to give to the writing project. 

Please, make your life and your consultant’s life easier and take a thorough look at the timeline. 

Sweet Dreams vol. II Live Taping (summary)

Well, we can call it a success! It was a great time, with a great team and an engaged audience! Thank the Lord!

We recorded five segments in under three hours and it was electric! Here are a few shots captured during the taping. 

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Stay tuned for future tapings!

Product Feature ~ Teaching CD’s

We first produced teaching CDs, mostly on prayer. They’ve been re-engineered for better I Came for Your Wordsquality and convenience. You may purchase the teaching CDs for $5 each. 

Breaking Agreements – Increase awareness about inner vows and how to break agreements with fear, torment and untruths bearing fruit in your life. 

I Came for Your Words – This is what the angel told Daniel when he appeared after days of fasting and prayer, that on the first day Daniel set himself to pray the answer was released but there was resistance. This is an exhortation to pray with substance and persevere to the manifested answer.

True Intercession, I & II – This 2-disc set is a “fundamental” teaching for the ministry of intercession. We consider the definition of intercession as more than praying for others, what it means to stand in the gap and what God looks for when He calls us to intercession. 

Teaching CDs are available now!

Respect Your Dreams

Why is it that we stress obedience to the written word of God, emphasize doing the rhema word of God, yet believe that a dream from God belongs “on a shelf” until we understand its meaning or receive some kind of ethereal revelation?

I know, it’s strange.

And that’s the motivating question that led me several years ago to host my first live taping. Click here for the short highlights video. 

Truth: Disciples of Jesus Christ value His word in ALL ITS FORMS

And that’s what we covered in the first taping — how to approach dreams biblically, why God speaks in dreams, dreamers in scripture, and some general dream principles for the Body of Christ. There is a way for us to seek the Lord about His dreams to us. It’s not for us to lazily set His dream-words aside and wait for prophecy or certain sermons or teachings.

Scroggins Live Taping Flyer

The Sweet Dreams vol. II Live Taping is coming soon ~ Saturday, April 9, 2016 at 9am. This time we dig deeper for dreamers (heavy or light, however you dream) who believe in Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to help us see and acknowledge God’s word as our compass, and extend that respect for His word to our dreams.

Many of you weren’t with me for Sweet Dreams vol. I, so we begin the vol. II taping with a review to get us all on the same page. The next segment covers dream symbols and dream interpretation. We want to address some things that most of us experience but do not hear much about — like, when your siblings appear in dreams, or when close friends appear in situations in which they have no natural connection, and the interpretation process. 

We move from there to a segment called “junk” mail, based on the idea from Ira Milligan, author of Understanding the Dreams You Dream. This is all about how to determine a dream is from God and what to do if it is not from God.

Then we have a special segment on inheritance dreams. I will make the case for revelation of succession and generational curse or blessing via dreams. This is an important part of the message God sends in dreams and I fear many in the Body of Christ miss these pieces of our identity because of bad teaching or faulty urban legends about dreams. 

Finally, we plan to present some tips on how to assist prophetic children. I can tell you now, this will be a book. The notes are just too extensive to present them in total, but I promise the insight is rich and will help us all — parents of prophetic children as well as those of us who grew up as prophetic children but did not know it until we settled in our callings. 

Please, make plans to join us. And stick around so I may thank you personally for your presence and support. Remember, there is NO FEE for attending the taping. But, I’ll introduce for the first time the entire Remnant Word Publishing Product Line. Please come prepared to support. 



Product Feature ~ Bodily Intercession Manual

BI cover page

The Bodily Intercession Manual is near and dear to my heart. I first learned about the concept years ago when I heard Bishop Tudor Bismark. He mentioned “in passing” how a pain at the crown of the head symbolized headship, authority, and could be interpreted as a call to prayer. 

What is Bodily Intercession?

It is the body’s participation in prayer. It is the body feeling the spiritual burden through natural pain or discomfort to identify with the prayer need.

Over the years, I experienced “on the job training” (OJT) through service in the ministry of intercession. That training revealed other pains as invitations to pray (e.g., headaches, stomach issues, back pain).

My vision is that those who invest in this manual will add their “OJT graffiti”and over time, create a handbook for intercession. 

The manual is $25.

Product Feature ~ Prayer CD’s

This year we introduce the inaugural line of prayer CD’s for $5 each.

On The Queen Life site, find recordings of many prayer calls over the years. But we never released them on CD. These images are the CD covers for a short series of PRAYERS FOR PASTORS. Here’s a summary of the prayer focuses.

  1. Prayer for Right ChoicesNo striving with God’s will, wisdom, courage, emotional steadiness, urgency to obey God more than man
  2. Prayer for Right PosturePsalm 1, rest in God, ear inclines to Godly counsel, own schedules to make time for meditation, hunger and thirst for righteousness, remove scramblers from ears
  3. Prayer for Right Covenants – Covenant marriage, covenant ministry, reversing Haman’s decrees of destruction, release from oppressive systems & false obligations, awareness
  4. Prayer for Boundaried LivesMen and women of God live with Godly boundaries, guide out of chaos, turn whole heart to Father, remove leverage of past

These CD’s are available for purchase.