Sweet Dreams Live Taping

On April 9, 2016 we Remnant Word Publishing Co. presents volume two of the Sweet Dreams Curriculum in a live taping in Dallas, Texas at the Mount Sinai Baptist Church (6819 Lake June Road, Dallas, Texas 75217). There is no registration required. Just come and be a part of the live audience. 

Scroggins Live Taping Flyer

If you tend to be late, then join us for breakfast at 8am CST. That way, you’ll make the taping on time. 

Taping begins promptly at 9am CST and ends by 12noon CST.

Click here to view the highlight reel from Sweet Dreams, Volume One. The volume one DVD is available for $25.00.

In the Volume Two curriculum, we plan to address the following:

  • Biblical purpose of and suggested approach to dreams
  • How to identify “Junk Mail” or dreams not from God (See Ira Milligan’s book Understanding the Dreams You Dream)
  • Assisting prophetic children
  • Dream symbols
  • Dream interpretation
  • Inheritance dreams, teaching ministry dreams, etc.

Prayerfully consider joining us. This is Remnant Word Publishing Co.’s official reveal with our product line. On the day of the taping, you’ll be able to pre-order Volume Two.