Product Feature ~ Bodily Intercession Manual

BI cover page

The Bodily Intercession Manual is near and dear to my heart. I first learned about the concept years ago when I heard Bishop Tudor Bismark. He mentioned “in passing” how a pain at the crown of the head symbolized headship, authority, and could be interpreted as a call to prayer. 

What is Bodily Intercession?

It is the body’s participation in prayer. It is the body feeling the spiritual burden through natural pain or discomfort to identify with the prayer need.

Over the years, I experienced “on the job training” (OJT) through service in the ministry of intercession. That training revealed other pains as invitations to pray (e.g., headaches, stomach issues, back pain).

My vision is that those who invest in this manual will add their “OJT graffiti”and over time, create a handbook for intercession. 

The manual is $25.